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“I am so passionate about parenting that I wanted to empower you right from the start of your parenting journey: The day your baby is born!”


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What is Baby Listening™?

Did you know that your baby is talking to you or that they can express over 20 needs to you from birth? It almost sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? That being said, the research dates back to 1998 and the number of babies being understood  since this was introduced to the public has revolutionized parenting around the world by teaching parents how to decode their baby’s language at birth.

When I pioneered the holistic pediatric sleep coaching practice in The Philippines back in 2015, I also practiced this with my own son & saw how when taught by an instructor, your parenting world gets a dose of magic! I then became an instructor myself to show parents that a baby has EVERYTHING needed for good sleep, good feeding and up to 25 other needs from birth…you just need to know how to parent through them effectively & watch the magic happen!

Baby Listening™ or learning this secret language of babies provides you with fundamental yet life-changing, pieces of the parenting puzzle backed by 8 years of research & now over 1 million babies being heard. There is nothing else like this coded language in existence that is able to harness secure attachment parenting principles from day one.

When learning Baby Listening™ during the 0-4 month learning window, guiding your baby to sleep is less of a mystery as your baby is literally speaking to you about a lot more than just sleep. Learn what true baby-led feeding, sleeping, burping, sucking & so much more on true demand actually sounds like! When singing up, you will discover how to decode up to 25 needs from birth and how to parent as a team for increased attachment & of course, more sleep!

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is revolutionizing parenting or:


Your Baby is Telling You From Birth to Avoid That Helpless Feeling

Know What Your Baby Is Telling You From Birth
to Avoid That Helpless Feeling


Your baby is talking to you from the day they are born

Your baby is talking to you from the day they are born



“ There are currently no other published academic or medical papers that we are aware of that invalidates our findings anywhere in the world.”

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What will I learn in this
Baby Listening™ 2-part workshop?

  • Revolutionary newborn parenting care practices using the most up to date research
  • How to understand what your baby’s needs are, when they need them & how to respectfully support these needs as they happen
  • Baby led care (feeding, sleeping & so much more!) on true demand
  • 25 newborn needs to decode
  • How to improve your family sleep using your Baby Listening™ parenting tools together with my established and proven sleep & parenting practices
  • How to optimize your breastfeeding
  • Bonding & secure attachment harnessed
  • Implement newborn routines designed by Mother Nature a.k.a YOUR baby!
  • Experience less crying during the 6-8 weeks peak of development
  • How to parent with confidence from birth all the way through the first year by listening to only one person: your baby!


Baby Listening™ is the art of parenting through connection & attachment from your core centered self!


When Learning your baby’s secret language with me, the more you understand each other, the more effectively you are able to meet your infant’s needs. The more your parenting environment becomes more relaxed with more secure bonding the more content your baby will be!

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