Why a Holistic Approach?

The certification process to become a Holistic Pediatric Sleep Coach is a bit different from the more widely available sleep training certification programs.

Holistic practices by nature are ones, which are focused on “wholes” or relating to entire factors affecting outcome rather than looking at individual parts to treat.

An example for instance is the practice of Holistic Ecology” where the *Miriam-Webster dictionary defines this as “humans and the environment operate as a single system”

As such, in holistic sleep coaching (or training for the family), there is no one-sized-fits all method. These are widely available elsewhere but not what I specialize in. With

holistic approaches, be it for chronic health issues or sleep, there is no ‘quick fix”. Quick fixes for complex health and wellbeing concerns tend to provide temporary relief to an individual part of the overall picture.

Gaining a Holistic certification also means that we are very protective over the family dynamics and their effects on the entire family’s sleep. Tapping into nature’s wisdom in order to get long term good sleep and teach what it means to be emotionally aware and connected to these are my goals for you.

Holistic health and living is something that I have incorporated into my life for over 20 years and why this side of sleep coaching became a calling for me. When it comes to being a parent myself helping my clients navigate the unchartered territory called parenting I believe that the more aware of all facets of parenting I am the better I am able to address every family’s life at the time of coaching.

What Parenting Styles Best Suit A Holistic Approach To Sleep Coaching?


  1. Attachment Parenting
  2. Unconditional Parenting
  3. Spiritual Parenting
  4. Slow Parenting


By tapping into my knowledge and experience in various positive parenting styles I am able to provide additional support, which fully aligns with my sleep practice.

This is the holistic way.

Everything matters when discovering deeper connections to self, from a place of love with no judgment.

There can be tears, sometimes from you too, but I support you in helping you clear your own personal fears, hang-ups or triggers to ensure the most successful sleep outcomes for everyone. Sometimes some respectful behavioural practices are required to accompany your little person through the changes but sometimes they’re not.

If this sounds like a good fit to your needs, YOU CAN REACH OUT TO ME

* (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/holistic)