Certification to become a Holistic Child Sleep Coach is different from standard sleep
training certification courses available. Holistic certification means that I am also a
positive parenting coach able to provide coaching for all positive parenting styles such as:
Attachment Parenting,
Unconditional Parenting,
Spiritual Parenting
Slow Parenting.Each of these is styles is rooted in the Authoritative Parenting Style enabling a child to
grow into a happy, successful little human.

When it comes to being a parent myself  helping my clients navigate that unchartered
territory called parenting I believe that the more aware of all facets of parenting I am the
better I am able to address every family’s life at the time of coaching.

Additional Certifications:

Baby Language Institute – Sydney Australia:

Baby Listening™ Instructor

In order to nurture your baby to sleep, the most important thing that you will need to do is
learn their language & Baby Listening™ allows you to do this.

Baby Listening™ with me teaches you how your newborn is able to communicate with you
from birth. Discover 20+ word combinations all babies are born with teaching you how to
strengthen your newborn attachment bond through need orientated, gentle parenting

More info here Smart Parenting & My Baby Listening™
Workshops held throughout the year and some FAQ.

Early Childhood Education – UC San Diego, USA.

Psychology foundation course on the role of parents in child development. Diet, sleep, the
nature of learning, screen time, impulse control & behavior genetics

Understanding parenting on a deeper, scientific & psychological footing allows me to
provide deeper connection support with every family that I work with as well as my own.

Kids & Family yoga instructor – Rainbow Yoga, the world’s leading kids yoga program.

Teaching emotional wellness & sleep EQ through, touch, movement, breath & co-creative
play using my Chameleon Feelings & Sleep™ decks.