Coaching With Gabrielle

I offer a few different options on how I can share my expertise with you, giving you some choices on what may be the best fit to your needs, baby’s age & your family. My core philosophy is centered on your baby’s sleep hygiene & emotional wellbeing. This is science’s fancy word when referring to what makes a little one able to fall asleep as nature intended.

Traditional sleep training methods focus on behaviours instead. Behaviours tend to be the result of having taught lessons which develop over time into forcing your baby’s natural rhythms out of balance. This results in behaviours, which make it look like your baby does not ‘want’ to sleep. Simply put, they are just not able to sleep.

Traditional sleep training methods will try to take away the behaviour. I will never teach you how to eliminate a behaviour, instead I will work with you on how to harness your baby’s natural rhythms through what Mother Nature has to offer. Everything I do is based on evidence-based sleep science, this is just another fancy way to say: What a little human body is able to do and when.

This will complement any aspects in your family’s day that may need tweaking in order to help your little one start to produce more melatonin at the right times in the day. Every little human has different needs when it comes to addressing any kind of sleep-learning because every family has different dynamics at play. These core sleep hygiene principals will sometimes be enough for you to see dramatic changes in your existing sleep challenges & can be introduced effectively alongside my sleep & feed plans that complement science & nature.

I am a Holistic Baby Sleep Coach, which means that I focus on your entire family & how this may be affecting your baby’s sleeps, feeds & emotional wellbeing. This includes birds, cats, dogs & even your goldfish! Whoever’s in the house, it matters to me!

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