Snuggles Coaching™

SNUGGLES COACHING™ is something that I teach every family I am coaching. I have my own personal style for this, which I have honed over the years and it works!

My hands-on experience over the years has taught me that most parents will try to introduce a lovey to their little one, hoping that it provides better sleep only for the thing to not work and be outright rejected by the little person.


My goal for you is for you to experience the magic that a snuggle-to-sleep tool can bring to your family with just a few, easy to follow steps and simple preparations to get it right! A snuggle-to-sleep tool can create the magical environment needed for your little one to fall asleep and stay asleep



If you’d like to give this a whirl with me, SNUGGLE COACHING is a 30 minute, online, mini-sleep course with me. I will walk you through my personal, holistic sleep coaching philosophies teaching you everything there is to learn about how to use a lovey the right way for long-lasting sleep success.

A sleep helper toy doesn’t need to end up as another toy buried under the pile of plushies in the cupboard and provide you with further sleep disappointment and frustrations yet this seems to be what tends to happen…

You can change this! You can support your little one’s sleep using this amazing tool transforming an ignored toy into the key to unlocking a love for sleep.


  • My personal snuggle coaching tips and tricks (the same ones I practice when working intensively with families) to get your little one to love their sleep helper AND love their sleep!
  • -All the essential parenting practices using a sleep helper toy, without the uncertainties or the stress of wondering if you are doing the right thing or making things worse instead.
  • My, proven, holistic, sleep-coaching philosophies for long-term sleep successes not just for months, …but for years!


I Show You the HOW,

You Focus on Refining Your Bedtime Parenting Skills!


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Sneak peak from my personal home life courtesy of my little person who understands the magical powers of a lovey to bring a smile to you today: