Meet Gabrielle

I am Gabrielle Weil,

 baby sleep angel, married & proud hands on mama to a precious 5-year-old boy & owner of Babes Of Bliss.

During the two years my husband & I tried to have our baby, I dedicated my free time to researching scientific reports, respected authors & literature available on the subject of baby sleep. My goal was to arm myself with everything possible to allow us as new parents to be able to all be sleeping like babies as soon as possible after I gave birth!

This journey that began as a personal challenge opened my eyes up to how parents are un-equipped at handling baby sleep by simply not knowing how a baby needs to sleep and more importantly, how many of the training methods parents turn too out of desperation are being grossly misused, misunderstood & ‘tested’ in the hopes that it will result in healthy sleep habits.

I made the decision to be this change needed and help parents educate themselves while re-educating their baby & inviting sleep back into their lives.

I was trained by two U.K based sleep trainers with over 30 years experience between them over the course of a year. I witnessed what science refers to by “sleep behaviour is learned”. I became an expert in understanding the imbalances in optimal human functions, (emotional & environmental) which inhibit sleep along with scheduling secrets, developmental needs, feeding & the psychology behind baby sleep. I also witnessed what the Ferber method looked like, how fast it could produce results and how parents dealt with the process. The cry-it-out method wasn’t for me. I honed my skills & understanding in the holistic foundations for healthy sleep in preparation for the ultimate test & my toughest client to date: My son. From birth I set in place everything that I had been taught & began guiding him towards learning the art of sleep, on his own. He was my inspiration for Babes Of Bliss, which I launched shortly thereafter.

I continually strive to stay abreast with the latest science & research surrounding babies & sleep via further certification courses when my time allows (these are my usual evening activities much to my husband’s dismay!). I am also a Certified Baby Language™ instructor teaching parents how to listen & de-code what their newborns (0-3 months) are communicating to them. I am also working my way through two further courses that will expand & build upon my experience with families since early 2015.

The feedback that I get from clients & personal referrals has been amazing. When I see how I have empowered mothers it gives me the confidence to know that I have been able to successfully help so many parents but more importantly…so many babies!