Meet Gabrielle

Hi, I’m Gabrielle, Holistic paediatric Sleep Coach, Baby Listening™ & Positive Parenting Instructor,

 wife & a proud hands on mama to a precious little boy & owner of

During the two years my husband & I tried to start our family, I spent my free time researching scientific reports, respected authors & literature available on the subject of my future baby’s sleep. Truth be told, I was so scared to loose myself in a whirlwind of sleeplessness that my goal was to arm myself with everything possible to allow us as new parents to be able to all be sleeping like babies as soon as possible after I gave birth.

This journey that began as a personal challenge allowed me to discover and learn how parents are un-equipped at handling their child’s sleep by simply not knowing how a baby needs to sleep and more importantly, how many of the training methods parents turn too out of desperation are being grossly misused, misunderstood & tested in the hopes that it will result in healthy sleep habits.

My own training was done in an unconventional way as I went into this through a self educational journey first. I explored what sleep training was about under two U.K based pediatric sleep trainers. With 30 years experience between them, I witnessed what science refers to by “sleep behaviour is learned”.  I became an expert in understanding the imbalances in optimal human functions, (emotional & environmental) which inhibit sleep along with scheduling secrets, developmental needs, feeding & the psychology behind baby/child sleep.  I also witnessed what the most widely marketed, sleep ‘training’ recommendations focused on purely using behavioural techniques of sleep training (Ferber, modified Ferber, chair method etc.) looked like in practice, how fast it could produce results and how parents dealt with the process. I also saw that the Cry-It-Out variants were not for our, unique family dynamics or my emotional support preferences for my child or myself.

I could see that there was a gap in the market with very little resources available in helping guide families through respectful sleep education.  I made the decision to be this change, to help parents educate themselves while re-educating their baby & inviting sleep back into their lives the Holistic way. I began by using my skills on my ultimate test and toughest client to date: My son. From birth I set in place everything that I had been taught & began guiding him towards learning the art of sleep, on his own, based on his lead and nature’s guidance. He was my inspiration for Babes Of Bliss, which I launched shortly thereafter.

I actually do not practice sleep training per-se. That refers to methods which fall under the above-mentioned Cry-It-Out, Ferber, Weissbluth foundations . I choose to focus instead on re-balancing family imbalances that become the foundations for good sleep & emotional wellbeing.

Being a bit of a science nerd, I embraced the approach of marrying science with emotionally supportive parenting principals but above all, working in line with the body’s natural rhythms. These are rhythms born out of our hormones, which present themselves at certain moments in development. These developmental moments where these sleep hormones begin to appear, are moments when we as parents do not need to do any kind of “training” but instead focus on understanding the human body’s natural sleep learning process. I specialize in family discovery and supporting emotional connection to welcome sleep.

I continually strive to build upon my experiences since launching in early 2015, by keeping abreast with the latest science, research and certification courses around baby sleep & emotional wellness. I have completed further studies in Early Childhood Education focused on the role of parents in child development (diet, sleep, the nature of learning, screen time, impulse control & behavior genetics) with UC San Diego and am also a Baby Language™ instructor & positive parenting educator certified with DBL Institute in Sydney. This allows me to support families from their baby’s birth, teaching parenting teams exactly how to align with a newborn’s natural rhythms. Learning this secret language of newborn babies first, helps avoid any misdirected teachings being adopted and practiced regarding sleep, feeding and emotional development later. Following on from this, my sleep focused coaching practices are suited for families who may not have managed to practice Baby Listening™ or may need some brief extra guidance during that 4th month transitionary period of development. Here some un-teaching and re-teaching may be required and there may be tears but some of the Baby Listening™ language does continue to be heard, assisting families through the transitions:

“It’s amazing by the way that Ethan still uses the baby language. I don’t hear it as pronounced like before but he still does it. I don’t know how I could’ve done the sleep coaching if I didn’t know the baby language. It helps a lot!” -Mama & Baby Listening™ graduate Jocelyn T. and her nearly 6 month old baby.

Whether you’re a Baby Listening™ graduate family or not, I will always approach your sleep challenges as unique.

I am passionate about showing parents how to listen & decode their newborn baby’s innate power to communicate from birth and pave the way through the often confusing early childhood development periods of sleep, feeding, behaviours and beyond. When I see the feedback from clients and personal referrals of how I have empowered mothers it gives me the confidence to know that I have been able to successfully help so many parents but more importantly…so many babies!

For more information please visit my private coaching or my Baby Listening™ two part course.