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The feedback & personal referrals that I get from clients has been humbling. Receiving unexpected thank you-s are the highlight of my day whether I wake up to a message full of joy or end a tiring day with an email expressing gratitude, seeing how empowered mothers have become in their parenting successes is reminds me how I have been able to help so many families & most importantly…so many babies!


    positive review  I highly recommend to get Gabrielle to sleep coach your baby. The good thing about her method is that it’s holistic, the gentle approach. Teaching independence but being an emotional support to your child as well. It’s never too late to train and teach a baby even at 14 months old my baby’s sleep has improved and doing the sleep training has made a big difference in her life and our life as well. I’ve also learned to manage my emotions better still staying calm when baby is on a meltdown. Being a first time mom, clueless about methods, I used to feed her to sleep and would take hours for her to go to bed which caused frustration and exhaustion for everyone. And feed again whenever baby wakes up. She now sleeps on her own and in her own room and has a schedule, which we can work around in and better plan the day. She is also eating well now. I hope sleep training will be incorporated in hospitals and given as an option when giving birth and more awareness. It will make everyone’s life better! Happy baby happy mommy

    Victoria Neri Imperial Avatar Victoria Neri Imperial
    March 1, 2021

    positive review  Sleep coaching with Gabrielle is a vital milestone in our parenting journey.❤️ and if i could turn back time, I wouldn’t have it any other way 😊 this experience is one for the books.

    Our baby boy was 4months when I contacted Gabrielle. At that time, baby was either rocked or fed to sleep. During his naps he was always carried by me or yaya for 2-3hours. At night he slept in our bed, so we tiptoed and whispered and tried to make the least noise when we were in the room with him. Despite these efforts he slept a 3hr maximum stretch and I breastfed him everytime he woke up.

    The first days of coaching comprised hard work, muuuuch patience and dedication. But on the 3rd night, baby slept through the night! It was a breakthrough. We are currently on our 6th week of following the routine set by Gabrielle. And I can say, before sleep coaching I never thought:
    -that baby would sleep in his crib in his own room and actually love it
    – that baby would nap for 1-2.5hours all by himself without being carried
    – that baby would be able to soothe himself to sleep (no external help needed)
    – that baby would not cry and fight being put down in the crib
    Currently, this baby boy is a work in progress and not yet a perfect sleeper BUUT.. he sleeps through the night most of the time, he plays patiently in his crib while waiting for mum/dad to come get him, he doesn’t fuss much when put down on the crib for naps, he is able to nap for 1-2.5hours, he can soothe himself back to sleep when he wakes from a sleep cycle during a nap or night time😊❤️ he has not only learned good sleep habits but also has learned to love them too🥰

    We will forever be thankful to Gabrielle— not only for her expertise but also for her patient, kind and intentional heart. She’s a gem. Also to BunBun, her sleep helper toy, who is vital in our baby’s sleep progress🙏🏻 sending ok much love to this mama who values every sleep-deprived-mum and little person she works with🥰

    Margot Schlaaff-Yasay Avatar Margot Schlaaff-Yasay
    November 10, 2020

    positive review  I highly recommend Gabrielle for sleep training your little ones. Laura sleeps on her own room now and doesn’t need to be rocked to sleep anymore. She is also more energized from all the restful uninterrupted nights. We used to be more dependent on yaya but after the 2 weeks with Gabrielle, we are definitely more confident parents.

    Thanks Gabrielle for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. I learned so much from you, not just about sleep but about being a mama as well! You are truly a gift! 🙂

    Caryn Uy Avatar Caryn Uy
    November 4, 2020

    positive review  One of the BEST decisions I have ever made for one of the HARDEST things I’ve had to go through.

    Life before Gabrielle was sleepless days and nights cradling and carrying my baby for what seemed like an eternity just so he could fall asleep…. only to have him wake up 20 min after I put him down in his crib!

    I couldn’t work, I couldn’t exercise and I couldn’t live my life outside my baby’s world.

    After taking Gabrielles Baby Listening workshop, we started to understand our baby more. She taught us the different sounds our baby would make and what it means as well as good habits to start FROM BIRTH, so they can sleep and feed better.

    With just this, my baby was able to sleep through the night at just THREE months, 70-80 % of the time.

    The game changer, was the Baby Sleep Coaching we got from Gabrielle.

    There will be crying, both from parents and baby, but NO CRYING IT OUT. Quite the opposite actually, which is different from most sleep training methods you may find online.

    She has a system that is easy to follow,
    and would guide you all the way till your baby is able to nap the proper length, feed the proper amount, and ofcourse, sleep through the night.

    Thank you Gabrielle, for giving us our life back!

    – Jag, Trish, and Baby Lucas

    Jaguar Tang Avatar Jaguar Tang
    October 24, 2020

    positive review  Gabrielle really helped us through the process and knows exactly what the baby needs or doesn’t need. She only not teaches us how to communicate and learn what our baby is communicating but she also helped us plan out the rest of the day. It was tough for the first few days with a lot of back bending positions but it was worth it. After a month of training, our little one can now sleep 11-12 hours straight in the evening with no hiccups. Although it may not be perfect, he is able to nap well in the mornings as well. It was our best decision to get the help of Gabrielle. Good sleep for the parents and great sleep for the little one wherein he was able to achieve all his milestones and sometimes surpasses it. Thanks Gabrielle!

    Donita Viktoria Salazar Avatar Donita Viktoria Salazar
    October 24, 2020

    positive review  Gabriella really changed our lives! I would always co sleep with my 19 month old daughter maybe since she was still 2 months. I was very much sleep deprived but she guided and helped us so well! I always thought that the only sleep training that worked was the crying out method, that’s why I never wanted to do it. Her way was so gentle and very effective. She used to only sleep an hour for her nap time because she would feel no one beside her and the struggles of even just putting her to sleep during nap time was so tiring and hard. Now I just get to tuck her in, kiss her,say see you later and leave while she is awake! She puts herself to sleep in 4mins and sleeps for 2hours and a half. Same goes for bed time and she sleeps the whole night! 7pm-7am ☺️
    Would highly recommend Gabriella to all the parents 💕 Getting Gabriella as our sleep coach is one of the best decisions I have ever made!

    Julie Terrei-Mukherjee Avatar Julie Terrei-Mukherjee
    July 31, 2020

    positive review  My husband and I were completely sleep deprived and stressed because our precious girl still wasn’t sleeping at 6 months. She had to be held constantly and her eating was sporadic. I was basically an all you can buffet that she would constantly snack from. I found Gabrielle through an internet search and my Pediatrician highly recommended her after I sent him a message about our daughter’s poor sleep habits. She was a god send! Gabrielle guides you through the entire process and helps you trouble shoot any hiccups. Was it an emotionally and physically exhausting process? Yes, but it was so gratifying when our daughter finally started sleeping on her own. I learned that as parents we tend to linger too long and not allow our babies to learn to soothe themselves to sleep, Gabrielle helps you to learn how to guide them on the journey and how to provide constant support. This process was so rewarding and I can’t recommend Gabrielle enough! Thank you, Gabrielle!

    Michelle Raught Avatar Michelle Raught
    May 11, 2020

    positive review  Got in touch Gabrielle when I was thinking of how I can put my son to sleep faster and with less physical effort. I was initially worried that sleep coaching is just for babies since my son was already 2.7yo when I thought of sleep coaching. So glad that Gabrielle said we still can sleep coach him, with just some tweak in his already established schedule and the whole idea/mindset of what sleep, feeding and right schedule does to kids, it worked! Putting him to sleep now isn’t as tiring as how it used to be. I highly recommend getting into the coaching process and Gabrielle is very prompt, detailed and generous to help! 👍

    Bernice Lim Avatar Bernice Lim
    December 22, 2019

    positive review  My 5 month old baby girl had been struggling with her sleep. She would only sleep for 30 minutes max twice a day and would soon wake up once she was put to bed AND would nurse to sleep for 1 hour at bedtime and wake up 4-5x at night crying. This was our story for almost 1 month. So I decided to ask Gabrielle’s help since I know this sleeping patter is affecting my daughter’s growth and development as well as our rest.

    Initially, I thought the 1 hour phone consult would not suffice since there were a lot of issues to tackle. However, I was wrong. She told me everything I have to do from giving her a bath, to making quality time and to feeding her. It was like talking to a close friend even though we have met yet.

    It was hard on the first day because I would doubt myself if I was doing the right thing but I trusted my gut and followed the schedule she gave me. It entailed me to pick her up for than 4x on our first day because my daughter would cry or fuss. But she was able to sleep on her own without rocking, singing or picking her up on the second day then everything followed. Even my nanny can do it even I am away.

    Everyone in the family was amazed when they saw my baby 2 weeks after the sleep trraining. They noticed that she looks so happy and bright. It was the best compliment I have ever received. Thank you Gabrielle for this. I am forever grateful for your help.

    Rizza Jeresano Avatar Rizza Jeresano
    September 21, 2019

    positive review  Thank you Gabrielle , you’ve shifted my parenting mind set for the better. My decision to get a sleep coach was met with doubt and skepticism, but I took a leap of faith. And I am so glad I did! Gabrielle’s approach is holistic which I can relate to— if you are looking for a method, one can just read a book and follow instructions. At the end of the day, it is not just all about sleep. It is so much more. It’s on us to provide our children with the best chance (or best sleep!) possible. If only every parent knew what I now know. It was such an enlightening journey. I highly recommend!!! 💯

    Carissa C. Chan Avatar Carissa C. Chan
    August 5, 2019

    positive review  My husband and I were struggling with our son’s sleeping habits. He was already a little over a year old then and he still hadn’t been sleeping through the night. We were worried he wasn’t getting enough rest. Then we came across Gabrielle’s IG account and got in touch with her. She was already booked for a couple of months for her one-on-one coaching, so we opted for the 1-hr phone consult instead so we could immediately help our son sleep better.

    Gabrielle’s recommendations have been extremely helpful. Since the adjustments we made based on our conversation, our son has been sleeping through the night. It was a struggle in the beginning, but the consult was very comprehensive and thorough so that definitely helped.

    My husband and I are really thankful for Gabrielle’s help! Our date nights are back!

    Angie Talavera-Bautista Avatar Angie Talavera-Bautista
    July 18, 2019

    positive review  If you want to get your life (and sleep) back while allowing your child to maximize his/her full development by having enough sleep, Gabrielle is the best person to turn to.

    18 days of helping me feel confident in following my instincts, calming me down when I get anxious, cheering and celebrating small victories, and guiding me in every step to ensure that my daughter can finally sleep on her own, in her own room.

    At first, I had doubts that my little lady can do it, but Gabrielle helped me make it possible. Now, my daughter sings herself to sleep and wakes up singing.

    Thank you so much, Gabrielle! You are truly a blessing. I wish everyone can experience what I went through in this sleep coaching journey. Bisous!

    Katrina Thomas Avatar Katrina Thomas
    July 12, 2019

    positive review  Thank you so much Gabrielle! You taught us a lot the past 2 weeks and we will be forever grateful, for sleep, for learning how our baby communicates and for setting a schedule and routine that I will be using for a long time. Thank you for making us better parents to Kyler and giving him the care that he needs. I hope you continue to help parents like us! You truly are a sleep angel! ❤️

    Nikki Ng Avatar Nikki Ng
    June 7, 2019

    positive review  I spent a lot of months thinking about sleep training and it just didn’t feel right for me to let the baby cry it out indefinitely, or the timed method where you walk in every 10 mins. My friend mentioned hiring a sleep coach and that’s when I looked up sleep training in the Philippines.

    What’s different about Gabrielle is that she actually teaches the parent to listen to the baby. It’s not sleep training per se, or about letting the baby cry until he/she feels that the parent abandoned him/her. Gabrielle taught me to tune my ears to hear what my son is really saying. It was extremely challenging because as a mom, every cry is like an emergency. But Gabrielle has a gift to hear what the babies are saying- truly a baby whisperer!!!! What sounded like distress to me, was apparently a baby just making noise!

    I’ve never met Gabrielle personally, as our communication has been over email and messaging over WhatsApp, but she has been there every single step- providing the feed schedule, sleep schedule, and even just reassuring me that my son is doing okay.

    My biggest takeaway from Gabrielle isn’t the sleep that my son is having. It’s the fact that I am able to understand what my son’s needs really are. There was one day that I was doubting my choice to sleep train (because it is hard!) and I casually mentioned that I miss having my son in my arms, and I felt guilty because all the moms I know say to let the child sleep in your arms or else you’ll miss it one day. So, part of me felt that I wasn’t giving my son the security he needs. Gabrielle reassured me and said, “Being physically close with a child that’s asleep doesn’t make that connection. The adult feels love but the child is just out. A child feels our love through safety and security which comes during awake times.” So yes, my son has finally been sleeping through most nights, and he’s been completing his naps in the morning and afternoon. But believe me when I say that sleep is just the bonus. What you get from 2 weeks with Gabrielle is more than the sleep, but you being in total sync with your baby’s needs and him learning to trust you more.

    Thank you, Gabrielle for the beautiful work that you do in bringing harmony into people’s homes. May your work continue to plant the seeds of nurturing and trust for all your future clients.

    Kara Timan Jeong Avatar Kara Timan Jeong
    April 8, 2019

    positive review  24March2019: We just finished our 2-week sleep training for Bella!🎉 Big thanks to our awesome sleep coach, Gabrielle Weil of (IG account), who guided us step by step on Bella’s daily routine – daytime naps, 12-hour straight night sleep, meals, snacks, and activities 🕒 It has worked wonders for Bella, Pao, & I – happy baby and happy parents!😍 Sooo proud of Bella for learning fast!👏 And props to my husband Paolo for being so engaged and helpful ❤ Special shoutout to our parent-friends who also did sleep training before and supported us along the way – Gin, Em, Darlyn, & Eduardo 🤗 It was challenging at first but the results were worth it!👍 Our learnings on sleep training were not only about sleep, but also on parenting and strengthening the bond with our baby (since it required us to take a 2-week leave from work, which I am grateful for the quality time spent). For every family – to each is own 👨‍👩‍👧 #BellaMilestones #11mos2wks #sleeptraining

    Leah Miranda Evalle Avatar Leah Miranda Evalle
    March 31, 2019

    positive review  Being first time parents, my wife and I had no idea how to establish an effective sleep-feed- play routine for our baby. At 4 months, our days would be feeding,
    dancing and rocking her to sleep for a minimum of 30 minutes and her waking up an hour after. The nights would be her getting up almost every hour to be fed. It was an exhausting cycle for my wife and I. As recommended by our doctor, we decided to sleep train our baby with Gabrielle.

    Before sleep training, our first encounter with Gabrielle was though her baby language class where we learned that babies make sounds to communicate to basic their basic needs. Paying attention to these were instrumental to our baby’s sleep training journey. It was a tool that helped build our confidence in figuring out what she needs and feels. And as a parent, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to give what a child needs at a given time.

    The first day of sleep training let our baby sleep for 8 straight ours at night. However, it was challenging because introducing a new routine to a baby was not easy. Our baby was adjusting and my wife was emotional about it that she could not continue with the training. Gabrielle then encouraged me to step in to help for the next 2 weeks. My wife would feed and do activities with our child and I would help our baby sleep on her own. This is where the baby talk class came in handy. Our baby would utter sounds which I clearly hear, interpret and troubleshoot needs to get to sleep on her own. From the second day of training, moving forward, our baby would sleeo 2 naps a day which lasted 45 minutes to more than 2 hours and sleep through the night which lasted for 12 hours or more. Each time our child wakes up, she would show us a big smile. Nothing can make me feel better at that moment knowing that she had a great time sleeping on her own.

    With Gabrielle, we were able to build a team that not just sleep trains but also looks after the overall wellness our child. We were able to establish a routine where our child gets to eat, have fun and sleep.

    This experience made me develop a deep bond with my daughter at an early stage. It also made me discover that as fragile as she may appear, I learned that she is a tough one. There were times when she would get interrupted from her sleep by car horns or our when our dog barks. But she would get to fight it and go back to sleep again.

    Today, a month after our sleep training, I know that we already have made a big step forward from where we have started. Not all days are perfect but we know that we already have a system that we can count on. We discover more about our child, get to handle her well and enjoy her even better. We have become more confident parents.

    Sherwin Miguel Avatar Sherwin Miguel
    February 14, 2019

    positive review  It’s been 2 months since we’ve sleep trained Hunter with Gabrielle as my coach. Until now, we are happily experiencing the benefits of the training:

    – there is a clear cut (sleep-feed-play) schedule that me, my husband and Yaya can easily follow. It also helps to know Hunter’s schedule for the day especially since I work. I more or less know what he’s doing every single minute of the day. Because of the strict schedule, I can also schedule meetings around it so I can go home to breastfeed during major meals

    – both our help and yaya don’t have to sleep in our condo! Hunter sleeps 12 hours- 7pm to 7am so we can have the space all to ourselves and the help can also enjoy quality of life

    – Hunter is growing to be an independent child. He is able to soothe himself to sleep and when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he doesn’t make a big fuss. He plays with his BunBun (the Rabbit Bear companion by Babes of Bliss) or sucks on his hands or teether until he falls asleep again. (It still amazes me how a 4 month old baby can do that)

    – When we travel, Hunter doesn’t mind being in a different space as long as we follow the routine that is familiar to him

    We signed up for sleep training because prior to my sessions with Gabrielle, Hunter was sleeping 3.5hrs max. In just one day, Gabrielle changed that to 12 hours. It was AMAZING and mind blowing.

    As a working mom, it was hard for me to block off 2 weeks to sleep train. This made me more committed to it… making sure I get most value from the coaching.

    To my surprise, it taught me so much more than just sleep training. I’m now more confident handling and being with my baby. I no longer depend on the nurses or the yaya. It has changed me in so many ways… it made me a more empowered mom!

    Thank you Gabrielle for being my coach. Because of you, Hunter is a happy and growing baby. You taught me so much more than I ever expected. I can now confidently say that I’m ready for more babies 🤗

    Cristalle Pitt Avatar Cristalle Pitt
    January 16, 2019

    positive review  Contacted Gabrielle out of desperation when my baby’s sleep schedule was out of whack after jetlag. It was a great experience despite the strict schedule. She taught me so much about my baby, her food schedule, her sleep cycle, her personality and most of all she taught me about myself! The hardest part was training myself to believe my daughter could do it and she did! My baby now sleeps by herself and is able to soothe herself back to sleep if she does wake up in between. Super happy as we are now both well rested!

    Roshni Jeswani Avatar Roshni Jeswani
    December 5, 2018

    positive review  I don’t normally write reviews but this time, I am making an exception. I want to share my experience with Gabrielle. My son was 5 months old when I contacted Gabrielle, we were having a hard time making him sleep. His yaya has to rock him to sleep and carry him the whole time so that he stays asleep. At night, he would wake up every 2 hours and I would nurse him to sleep. Sometimes, it takes a few minutes; other times, it would take an hour. I believe sleep is very important to his growth so I made sure everyone at home understands this and cooperates, to the point where nobody can move during the times he is asleep so as not to wake him. It was very stressful. I got a schedule with Gabrielle but it wasn’t soon enough for me. My baby vomited because he was crying too much,, too tired probably and still can’t sleep. I had to do something. Keeping my schedule with Gabrielle, I contacted another sleep coach hoping that she could help my baby. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I was told that my baby was stubborn and difficult. I was getting more stressed not being able to do something for my baby and also started to worry more about the upcoming sleep training with Gabrielle. What if it doesn’t work? What will happen to my baby? What if she says the same thing as the other coach? So many negative thoughts coming to mind. Aside from not being able to sleep well, my baby didn’t gain weight or height for the past month. The problems just keep on piling up.

    The day to meet with Gabrielle came. I am excited and at the same time apprehensive. Gabrielle explained the plan to me and I am very scared because the success relies on me. On the first day of sleep training, my baby didn’t nap and cried through it. I was very stressed. Gabrielle was very supportive and not only walked me through the different aspects of a baby’s sleep, but also listened and empathized to how I was feeling. That was very important for me to carry on to the next few days. Aside from my baby’s sleep, she was also very supportive of my breastfeeding problems. She really looks at all aspects of how to give your baby a good sleep. Fast forward to a month, my baby is sleeping well and gained weight and height. I don’t think this would be possible without Gabrielle’s help. I can’t thank her enough.

    Rochelle Ro Avatar Rochelle Ro
    November 17, 2018

    positive review  I decided to sleep train my daughter Allegra when she turned 6.5 months. Gabrielle is exceptional at what she does. She is knowledgeable and was encouraging. Always made herself available and took the time to explain her techniques. My daughter’s progress is all because of Gabrielle and her methods for sleep training. Her approach was extremely successful! In 3 days I saw immediate results, my baby was able to sleep 8 hours straight and self soothe (something she never did!) How I wish I met her sooner…. I would highly recommend her!

    Sandra Peña-Paradies Avatar Sandra Peña-Paradies
    November 7, 2018

    positive review  I highly recommend Gabrielle as a baby sleep coach. My son Jaime (11 months at the time) was sleep trained within 3 weeks and it’s such a relief knowing that he can now self soothe himself to sleep. Gabrielle was always there for support!

    Pe Ab Liane Avatar Pe Ab Liane
    November 7, 2018

    positive review  I’m so glad we had this experience with Gabrielle. Our little one never slept through the night withouy help. So, I couldn’t believe it when it happened, the night I put my baby down to bed awake and walked out of the room while he watched me walking out. He then fell asleep on his own until the next day 6am. I did not only learn to help my son sleep, I taught him to be confident and to feel secured. I couldn’t have done this without the help from Gabrielle.

    Amutha Chavez Avatar Amutha Chavez
    September 17, 2018

    positive review  Everyone has their reasons why or why not to sleep train. My main reason was because my back couldn’t take it any longer. I’ve had a serious back problem for years now and have been told by doctors that l cannot carry anything heavier than 5 pounds. Can’t run, do any sort of explosive exercise, can’t bend over and definitely should not put on weight. I was very careful through pregnancy and for some strange reason didn’t feel any of my usual back pains. But after… Carrying, rocking, swaying my baby to sleep while drowning him in milk in the hopes that he will pass out milk drunk- was not working anymore. The simple most natural motherly act of carrying ones new born baby put me in bed immobile for 3 weeks. And I couldn’t take anything for the pain either as I was breastfeeding. Three months later it happened again. I felt so helpless and useless as a mother and completely betrayed by my body. But I was lucky to have had help. Raising a baby truly does take a village. My husband, my parents, his parents all stepped in to help. We carried on like this making it work the best we could for almost a year. But by about 9/10 months old my son wasn’t having any of it. He was done with the rocking and carrying and endless humming. He’d sort of squirm and kick out of the arms of whoever was carrying him to sleep and cry and cry in frustration. We knew then we needed help. We needed a change and we needed sleep.

    In comes Gabrielle to the rescue! Meeting this angel of sleep and going through 3 weeks coaching for my then 12 month old baby boy was the best parenting choice my husband and I have ever made. Her gentle, common sense sleep training method helped us help our baby sleep and in the process knit us all closer as a family. She helped us understand that it’s ok to put down the baby. That our baby is a sentient being that knows how to fall asleep on his own if we just trust him to do so. She taught us how to really look and listen. To watch before we react. To listen carefully to his cries. To talk to him slowly and explain. Her coaching did not only revolve around sleep but mealtimes, nutrition, and daily routines. After a month of eating the baby led way, with less milk too to make way for solid food, my sons pedia was finally very happy with his weight gain! We signed up for sleep training and got so much more out of it. Gabrielle taught us about respect and boundaries and how to apply these principles in all aspects of a baby’s daily life. Healthy sleep can only be achieved when all other aspects are in balance too. She taught me how to take a step back and observe instead of always needing to be the one to be needed. Our life is suddenly more calm and delightfully predictable. Bedtime is no longer a dreaded battle repeated every few hours. Naptime is no longer a wishful hope but a thing that actually happens consistently- everyday- at the same time. I no longer have to guess and worry (oh is he sleepy? Hungry? Did he have enough milk? Did I feed him enough?). That minute by minute dialog in my head is gone, that burden lifted. Now we have a clear cut schedule and a peaceful enjoyable nap/bedtime routine that works every time. Now l can focus on the baby in front of me and soak up each minute watching him play and grow. And the very best thing of all is that I can take care of my son, do the routine by myself- without breaking my back.

    Tenny Fieds Avatar Tenny Fieds
    August 20, 2018

    positive review  Gabrielle provides an excellent service, both repectful with the child’s needs and efficient! My son acquired stable sleeping habits thanks to her coaching programme and now two years later he still sleeps 11 hours at night plus a 2,5 hours nap… overall he really enjoys sleeping and is a happy child! And so are we! Thanks so much Gabrielle!

    Yol Anda Avatar Yol Anda
    July 27, 2018