My Fav Finds

Welcome To My Hand Picked Fav Finds!

Being a mama myself I love it when I find products that work for myself & I also get asked about products by my mama clients. This led me to create this space. It’s my secret loves for all of us!

Being a holistic baby sleep coach, baby language Listening™ Instructor & emotional wellness coach for families, I enjoy sifting through what works, what doesn’t and especially my main focus: What products hinder natural development processes. This are for me is the closest to my heart. The human body has it’s own timeline of growth, development and needs. More often than not, products marketed to parents use fear as the driving force for us to buy their products. Fear comes in many disguises but when baby products are concerned, the fear of your child’s development being too slow or fear your child will hurt themselves are at the core of their marketing campaigns. (Think helmets for babies learning to crawl and walk, sleep positioners, walking harnesses or toys etc.)

So here it is, MY FAV FINDS list of really useful, fabulous and borderline magical products to help us parent through sleep, health, development, safety where it matters and so much more! Click on the products below to view special discounts available.