Your baby is talking to you…



The baby Language™ research team put in 8 years of research before launching the discovery to the world on the Oprah Winfrey show some time ago but the language has been getting so much attention that scientists like to keep trying to understand it!

This amazing discovery’s effectiveness is still constantly being researched and so far, no available research has been able to demonstrate anything to discredit it! Not only does it exist but it works! Since 1998 the Dunstan Baby Language has been comprehensively researched, involving observation of over 1000 babies from 30 countries. Independent studies conducted in Australia, the U.S.A & the United Kingdom demonstrated consistent results.

The research is supportive of the language, which is why I continue to be so passionate about teaching it to you in my 2 part Baby Listening™ Workshop! It seems that the more this language is researched, the more this language is a magical code just waiting for you as parents to decode it!




The most recent study released in 2020(1) concludes that the detection of physical and emotional needs of baby are coming up as 94.7% accurate using the language! I am not a numbers girl but I love the sound of that!


I love how scientists around the world continue to give this language attention! I also love how not one research paper has ever been able to discredit it’s efficacy.
It also means you as parents are less stressed (2)! Those initial months, especially during the 6-8 week periods when crying peaks, can be overwhelming (which is just a nicer way of saying: “stressful”… if we are honest with ourselves!) but learning to tune in is all that is needed to lower those stress levels as a parenting team.

The research concluded that parents practicing the language as a family were less stressed than parents in the control group who were using the typically taught methods of taking care of a newborn. This is not to say it is easy to tune into Baby Listening™, after all, learning a new language always comes with some mental challenges.
One of the biggest learning curves with tuning in and truly listening to your baby, is that you can miss the moment your baby is talking to you!

These needs are expressed with sounds that are created by your baby’s body movements before your baby starts to actually cry. The trick is hearing them amidst your baby’s happy little coos and babble which make up the majority of their daily chit chat! Your baby actually loves the sound of their own voice, it’s a whole discovery activity for them in itself but the pre-cry vocalisations are when their physical and emotional needs are expressed and your happy baby can very quickly turn into a stressed, anxious baby.

Your baby’s pre-cry is just like us asking nicely for something before we get impatient. When someone’s not tuning into us, we can loose it! This is what I focus on the most in my 2 part Baby Listening™ workshop. I will teach you HOW to tune in effectively and how to act at that game changer moment, in order to avoid those incessant and often times, inconsolable crying spells that can sneak up on you! Like with any language, practice makes perfect, Time and patience is your friend.

Strict scheduling for feeding and sleeping a newborn disrespects the baby by ignoring what they are trying to communicate. In my 2 part Baby Listening™ workshop , you will learn how to craft your own baby’s timetable that changes as they develop.




Learn how to be flexible, to be able to change when your baby’s rhythms change, knowing for sure you are correctly responding.


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