Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching is a broad term that I have come to use to describe all things mama and papa “work on self” if you feel like something needs to change due to some big emotions happening in your home environment.

Often times, you know something, intuitively, is ‘off’ but do not know why or how to re-balance the big emotions currently happening in your family. Everything that you try only seems to feed the energies rather than neutralise them back to balance.

That “something” can be a multitude of things or only one area for you, which seems to leave you not knowing how to move through it and past it. These sessions are focussed on isolating the emotional triggers that are happening in your home which in turn present themselves in your child’s behaviours.

Some ideas for you to reflect on are:

  • Are your kids triggering you?
  • Are you triggering your kids?
  • Are family meals a less than calm affair?
  • Do you feel like your little person is bossing you about?
  • Does your child seem to create emotional explosions between you/and/or
    siblings too frequently for your sanity?
  • Is your child’s behaviour putting a strain on your marital relationship?
  • Are you feeling too mentally drained to know how to make positive changes?
  • Is sleep (for all the family) suffering?

Together we will focus on fine-tuning your parenting practices so that each individual’s, energetic dynamics that are out of balance within the family unit become re-aligned to match your child’s developmental capabilities.

Areas of focus will be emotional development and emotional triggers.

Sleep and eating are also included.

Think of it as some fine-tuning / skill honing for you to be able to parent from a place of love rather than a place of exhaustion, frustration, impatience and exasperation.

My holistic parenting foundations and experience of working with so many families over the years allows me to gently accompany you through some rough patches rooted in emotions, both yours and your little ones.

Three sessions minimum required for optimal results. If this sounds like something you’d like to explore further, please contact me!


GROUP MEET: 3 Private, Weekly Coaching Sessions


What do other mamas have to say about it?

“Really really helpful the 3 weeks we spent with you! It has created a much needed awareness of my own behaviours and how I want to change these going forward. Practice opportunities come everyday with the kids. I’m already noticing a difference, managing to diffuse the bomb before it explodes”

Mama Niki.

“I was lucky enough to Meet Gabrielle and participate in her Positive parenting, three part workshop. I gained more than I had expected and I was able to put my next techniques into practice immediately. Both my daughter and myself benefited from our strengthened relationship and I feel more Connected to her. Thank you for teaching us new ways to work through challenging times and remain conscious while parenting. The small group was very supportive as most challenges were shared by all.”

Mama Chiara.