3 Myths About Pediatric Sleep

…that will shift your mindset for long-term sleep success

    If you’d like to unlock the secrets to amazing sleep using this little sleep helper tool called a Lovey, you can learn all this and more in my SNUGGLE COACHING 20-minute, online mini-sleep course!

    What will I learn?


    • My personal snuggle coaching tips and tricks (the same ones I practice when working intensively with families) to get your little one to love their sleep helper AND love their sleep!
    • My, proven, holistic, sleep-coaching philosophies for long-term sleep successes


    Sleep doesn’t need to be so tough, it really doesn’t!


    Does bedtime feel like a dreaded chore?
    Is there lots of crying, wailing and no-sleep?
    Do you wonder if you’re doing the right thing or making things worse instead?

    I know that this is the kind of parent you want to be! My Snuggles Coaching mini-class gives you all the essential parenting practices using a sleep helper toy, without the uncertainties or stress of wondering if you are doing the right thing or making things worse instead.

    I Show You the HOW,
    You Focus on Refining Your Bedtime Parenting Skills!