Bringing Families Closer Through Sleep

Some call it gentle sleep training, I call it working with nature

I provide families a holistic approach to baby sleep without the use of the usual sleep methods. Discover my unique & personal holistic sleep style focused on listening & following your baby’s lead. There are hundreds of books, online resources and consultants offering a one-size-fits-all training method, this is not me!


Learn with me how to teach your baby sleep without sleep training.


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Hi, I’m Gabrielle

Holistic paediatric Sleep Coach, Baby Listening™ & Positive Parenting Instructor,
wife & a proud hands on mama to a precious little boy & owner of


More About Me

Listening Coaching

“I am so passionate about parenting that I wanted to empower you right from the start of your parenting journey: The day your baby is born!”

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Feelings Coaching

Emotional Wellness & Sleep EQ channeling cards for little ones. Growing secure attachment in everyday connections. Unlock the will to be still.

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Snuggles Coaching

Snuggles Coaching™ – Foundations & Introductory Class on Pediatric Sleep Using What is Commonly Referred to as a “Lovey”

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Sleep Coaching

These one-size-fits all methods or a quick-fix solution are widely available elsewhere but this is not what I specialize in. You will learn long term solutions with me that will bring you healthy sleep for years, rather than months.

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Parent Coaching

My holistic parenting foundations and experience of working with so many families over the years allows me to gently accompany you through some rough patches rooted in emotions, both yours and your little ones.

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