Bringing Families Closer Through Sleep

Some call it gentle sleep training, I call it working with nature. Learn with me how to teach your baby sleep without sleep training.

Hi, I'm Gabrielle

Holistic pediatric Sleep Coach, Baby Listening™ & Positive Parenting Instructor, wife & a proud hands on mama to a precious little boy & owner of

It always seems impossible until it's done.

- Nelson Mandela


Becoming a parent doesn’t come with a manual & it can be overwhelming when you’re new at it, often making us question if we are doing the right thing. Learn to listen to your inner voice, empowering you to parent with confidence.

Weaning your baby from night feeds will result in longer sleeps but this can only happen when your baby is ready. Allow your baby to show you when this moment is right leading to a gentle transition. Need some help?

Learning sleep with me is not the goal but the results of me guiding you on how to teach your baby that they are loved unconditionally! Accepting emotions without judgment is where we start!

Neuroscience confirms that humans are emotional beings. Babies, even though small & unable to care for themselves, are ourselves in our purest forms. Quick fix, parent led, sleep-training methods focus on eliminating your baby’s behaviours. This process also in turn eliminates all chances of true communication happening between you.

When the Ferber or Extinction method is used on a baby, the waking and crying cycles that occur are what they aim to eliminate. These are not however behaviours that need to be removed, only to be better understood.

I believe that parenting is about listening to your heart, which is your intuition & to your baby’s language as I am also a BABY LISTENING™ instructor. I don’t use Ferber or Extinction methods or any variants of these Cry-it-Out methods. My ‘method’ is the “learn from your baby, learn to trust that they’ve got this!” ‘method’.