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Welcome to Snuggles Coaching with me & Meet Bun-Bun-The-Rabbit-Bear ©

Bunbun Making

The Making of BunBun-The-Rabbit-Bear©

This rather long name came about when my son and a mama client named it at the same time. I combined the names and Bun-Bun-The-Rabbit-Bear© breathed life.

Mothers make Bun-Bun-he-Rabbit-Bear’s creation possible! Bulacan was one of the country’s primary garment industry hubs but when so many of the factories closed down, the women sewers were left jobless.In 2014 an amazing partnership was formed to help these talented women, talented mothers, regain work where they now proudly make Philippine inspired stuffed toys. They are able to work from home too when needed, which ensures that these women are able to continue to earn a living and balance being a mama at the same time. This wonderfully respectful & holistic approach to help working mothers in the community felt like a match made in heaven to me when looking for the right fit in bringing my dream alive. When I visited the workshop, I was greeted not only by the mamas but also some of their children, keeping them company for lunch & being very chatty with me!


Tita Miani is my chief prototype maker you see in these videos & photos, perfecting and testing my pattern ideas with me, here a sneak peek into how she is crafting my instructions into this little sleep helper.

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