Snuggles Coaching

SNUGGLES COACHING is something that I teach every family I am coaching. I have my own personal style for this, which I have honed over the years and it works!

My hands-on experience over the years has taught me that most parents will try to introduce a lovey to their little one, hoping that it provides better sleep only for the thing to not work and be outright rejected by the little person.


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How disappointing…and frustrating is that?

My goal for you is for you to experience the magic that a snuggle-to-sleep tool can bring to your family with just a few, easy to follow steps and simple preparations to get it right! A snuggle-to-sleep tool can create the magical environment needed for your little one to fall asleep and stay asleep



If you’d like to give this a whirl with me, SNUGGLE COACHING is a 20 minute, online mini-sleep course where I will walk you through my personal, holistic sleep coaching philosophies to learn how to use a lovey the right way. A sleep helper toy doesn’t need to end up as another toy buried under the pile of plushies in the cupboard and provide you with sleep disappointment and frustrations!

What's love got to do with it Got to do with it (2)

What will I learn?


  • My personal snuggle coaching tips and tricks (the same ones I practice when working intensively with families) to get your little one to love their sleep helper AND love their sleep!
  • My, proven, holistic, sleep-coaching philosophies for long-term sleep successes


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3 secrets to success

3 secrets to success

…ensuring that your lovey will be a hit at bedtime!

3 Biggest mistakes

3 Biggest mistakes

…parents make at sleep time

3 Myths about pediatric sleep

3 Myths about pediatric sleep

…that will shift your mindset for long term sleep success


Sneak peak from my personal home life courtesy of my little person who understands the magical powers of a lovey to bring a smile to you today:

Snuggles Coaching Testimonials

Mama Deanne

2022 (IG: @classymusings)

Our daughter’s birthday today inspired by her lovey bunBun!

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “Mama I want a bunbun birthday!!” in the past few months hahaha Her lovey is so tattered already but it’s still the love of her life.

Mama Doc Snowie

pediatric dentist, 2021

“One of the things that I tell parents when they visit me in the clinic for the first time, for their bundle of joy, is to sleep train their baby. A lot of the parents would always say that they need to nurse baby to sleep. However, nursing the baby to sleep all of the time can cause early childhood caries/tooth decay. A good night’s sleep is both beneficial for the growth and development of the baby and for the well being of the parents, especially moms!

Thank you for guiding me Gabrielle. Baby now sleeps on his own. He just magically stares blankly and slowly closes his eyes. If he wakes during the wee hours, he either needs to snuggle with his Lovey or just changes sleep position!”

Mama Dimple


“Hi Gabrielle! I’m not sure if you remember me, Dimple, we talked after our Snuggles Coaching. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! We’ve been making significant progress since the coaching. Thank you so much for your insights on how I can better understand Luna. She’s not crying so much anymore every time I put her down for a nap and before bed time. Although we still have a long way to go, I am happy with where we are right now with her sleep! Thank you, than you!!”



“Snuggles Coaching from Follow her IG for some baby sleep tips! We’d always catch her touching the nose or biting the ears and feet of her Lovey! My husband also saw her hug and snuggle with it, then fell asleep!”



“OMG so fast asleep! She didn’t cry at all!!! So calm throughout, she made noises here and there but that’s it! She was using her lovey throughout to soothe herself!”



“She put herself to sleep by chewing on it hahaha. I think I should get another one, she was asleep in 10 mins!”

Mama Justine Papina-Faustino


Introduced our Lovey to Juancho & he went straight for the snuggle! Thank you for this sleep help Gabrielle! Can’t wait for our little monster to have longer sleeps and happier bedtimes!

Mama Julie Terrei-Mukherjee


My little one’s new best friend! Thank you Coach Gabrielle for this!”



“Just wanna let you know that for some reason since we got your Snuggles Coaching, my son sleeps longer when he hugs his lovey and would rub the soft ear on his face which seems to comfort him. Glad to have finally gotten one!”

Mama Paticia P.


Gabrielle, guess what? I found out Ysa loves her Lovey so much. She had no trouble adjusting. In fact she slept so well with it here at our beach holiday. Caught her hugging it in her cot…so cute, they’re best friends!”

Mama Irina

“Mr Bunny Rabbit became an instant friend and sleeping companion. Thank you so much Gabrielle!”

Mama Lesley C

“It worked! Did it for her nap today, she immediately hugged her lovey!

Mama Margot S.

“His best friend (2nd to dad & mom) as of now is his Lovey. Always excited to be reunited with him when it’s time to sleep!”

Mama Richie A.

I first saw Bun-bun in Miss Cristalle Belo’s IG account. After reading about Bunbun that it is hypoallergenic, washable and safe for the baby I immediately ordered for my nephew. By the way my nephew Jecjec is an APAS baby, so we want to give him the best. Jecjec just turned 1 last June 4. Until now he still enjoys playing with Bunbun. He loves to snuggle Bunbun which helps him to put to sleep.

Thank you for creating Bunbun the little sleep helper.