Bunbun The Rabbit Bear FAQ

Are the materials used hypoallergenic?

Yes, Bun-Bun-he-Rabbit-Bear is made of 100% Egyptian cotton Sateen with accents of
100% Hypoallergenic, low pile and non-pilling velour.
Stuffed with Hypoallergenic Polyester Micro Fiber Class A.
How many do I need?

Good snuggle to sleep tools for babies are very difficult to find here in The Philippines.
This is the reason I decided to create one myself for you!

It is best to have at least 2 (identical) so that you can switch them out for a good wash! If
your baby chooses to snuggle AND suck on it rather than only snuggle, you will need at
least 3-4 to be able to wash & dry them without getting stressed about this. My son had 5
because he sucked it fiercely at every sleep.

Is it easy to wash?


Click on pic to see my Wash & Dry Tips!

Do you ship abroad?

Please email me via the CONTACT.

What age can I introduce Bun-Bun-The-Rabbit-Bear to my baby?

I have made sure that the materials and design ensure this item to be safe for use from
birth. Instructions for safe introduction are also included with every purchase as many Lovey’s are not advised before 4 -12 months of age mainly due to there being so many on the market that are simply not safe for smaller babies unfortunately. Bun-Bun-The-Rabbit-Bear however has all of the useful qualities without the unsafe design features found on some.

Do All babies need something to use to snuggle-to-sleep?

Yes. All babies need something to form a relationship with which will serve as their firsttools in helping them regulate their emotions. Some babies choose their thumb, rub their hands over their cheeks or twizzle their hair. Some babies don’t do these things or stop doing them at a certain stage in development. Some babies will adopt a ‘something’ instead. So while it is true not all babies need a sleep toy to help them fall asleep & stay asleep, all babies do need to have some sort of emotionally regulating aspect to their sleep. This is where Bun-Bun-he-Rabbit-Bear comes in. Your baby may well use BOTH. It is not uncommon for some babies to prefer options! When teaching your baby sleep skills for more independent sleep, Bun-Bun-he-Rabbit-Bear can be a life-changing blessing.