Why me?

When I began this labour of love, helping families to understand how to provide their little ones the kind of sleep they so need, a pediatric sleep coach was completely unheard of in Asian cultures. It was a time when many didn’t believe that what I had to offer would be of interest to parents who are accustomed to having nannies or extended family members in charge of putting their baby and children to sleep; an accepted and common practice in certain countries. “Why would anyone need help with their child’s sleep when we have Yayas/Nannies and Lolas/Grandmas?” I would get asked. The common, cultural norm seemed to be working against my advocacy. I wanted to be the change and help others so much that I went ahead with things & pioneered the baby sleep coaching practices in The Philippines.

I am so passionate about parenting that I wanted to empower you right from the start of your parenting journey: The day your baby is born!”

I believe life presents us with many opportunities to spread our wings & allow for personal growth. Ultimate growth is a journey that involves above all, our ability to being open to different opinions & questioning others and ourselves. Becoming a Pediatric, Holistic Sleep coach began for me in The Philippines, with a leap of faith. I began helping families following my personal learning journey, which took me 2 years of research, the same 2 years it took for me to get pregnant! I then went on to my certification training & further studies. After testing out my skills on my hardest client to date first: my own, 6-week-old baby, before helping others, that’s when I knew that I was ready!

I currently remain the only certified, holistically trained, pediatric sleep coach in The Philippines who successfully guided their own baby to be sleeping 12 hour nights by the time he was 10 weeks. My perspective after having practiced Dunstan Baby Language with my own son as a newborn & having become a certified Baby Listening™ Instructor in 2018 also allows me to offer more to parents by merging science & nature to get good sleepers!

I believe that my own personal experiences, my passion and transparency keeps me anchored in what it means to teach sleep with respect and love instead of using one-size-fits-all sleep schedules and methods. What I ultimately specialise in is following baby’s lead alongside evidence-based sleep science to achieve long-term results and a love of sleep.

My practice grew faster than I ever expected, reaching countries as far as Canada. I also never expected to be called The Philippines’ no.1 baby sleep coach but since launching in early 2015, my private, one-on-one coaching has raised the awareness of my advocacy that little humans can sleep amazingly without using Cry-It-Out or “adjusted” Cry-It-Out methods. I also never imagined that some of my own clients would turn around to become sleep consultants / sleep trainers after me, which is flattering. This has helped me grow & continuously strive to be the best that I can be. Being the change for me has been a journey, not without disappoints but I am grateful to have been given this chance to continuously get to know the most amazing mama-papa teams and to be able to continue to help so many families and so many babies!

Company consultation for working mothers and group consultations are now also part of my practice for those wanting to try a no-cry-it-out method with the help of a professional sleep coach for baby to guide them.