Why I am the Philippines’ Pioneer & no.1 Baby’s sleep expert?

When I began this adventure, someone like me was completely unheard of in a culture where children who cannot sleep without help throughout their childhood or even in adulthood was fairly accepted and common. It was a time when many didn’t believe that what I had to offer would be of interest to Filipino parents, the culture seemed to be working against my advocacy.

I believe life presents us with many opportunities to spread our wings & growth comes along with being open to learning these new things & questioning ourselves. Becoming The Philippines no.1 Baby Sleep coach began with a leap of faith back in early 2015, when I began offering my guidance to help parents parent through their baby’s sleep needs.

“Why would anyone need help with their child’s sleep when we have Yayas and Lolas?” I would get asked. I wanted to be the change and help others so much that I went ahead with things none the
less. My practice grew faster than I ever expected, since launching in early 2015, I continue to have a 2-3 month waitlist for my private baby sleep coaching & I never imagined that my own mama clients who I helped, would turn around to become sleep consultants after me. I have come to accept when launching something new it comes with some disappoints along the way & I am grateful to have been given the chance to be able to continue to help so many families and so many babies.

I am so passionate about parenting that I wanted to empower you right from the start of your parenting journey: The day your baby is born!”I am the only certified baby sleep coach in The Philippines who successfully guided their own son to be sleeping 12 hour nights when he was 10 weeks young, until today.

Not because I used a sleep training method, not because I used newborn sleep schedules but because I practiced what I specialise in which is I following his lead. I specialise in listening to your baby alongside introducing evidence-based sleep science techniques in order to find your baby’s optimal biological rhythms. From here comes the love of sleep.

Throughout this journey I have discovered a greatly kept secret…

Young Filipino families today want to grow, want to learn something new & are indeed questioning not only themselves but challenging their upbringing and parenting beliefs passed down to them
from their own parents. They want to offer their baby the gift of sleep the way Mother Nature intended and are very good at it!

My perspective after having practiced Dunstan Baby Language with my son as a
newborn & having become a certified Baby Listening™ Instructor in 2018 is also what allows me to offer more to parents. When practicing Baby Listening™ during the 0-3 month learning window, guiding your baby to sleep is less of a mystery as your baby is literally speaking to you about a lot more than just sleep.

When your baby is speaking to signal sleep with me, this doesn’t mean it’s a quiet affair but I do my best to make sure that it is not a stressful one & that baby is understood by you. Sometimes we as parents make mistakes, sometimes your baby will end up wailing but this is how we all learn, by turning these mistakes into positive changes for the entire family. I will never let you leave your baby to cry it out alone by ignoring his needs or suggest you drop your toddler’s nap due to you seeing challenging behaviours.

I continuously meet the most amazing mama and papa teams & love working closely together with each and every one of them!

Now looking back, I can see that parents today not only need this help but truly want to try a no-cry-it-out method with the help of a professional sleep coach for baby to guide them.