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Vitamins, probiotics, prebiotics…what are they all for? Do we really need them? What about for our kids? Do they help with child sleep or behavious? Dietary supplements to support your vitamin and mineral intakes can sometimes be a bit of a daunting topic! There are so many brands available to choose from, so many different suggestions on how or even when to dose, not to mention the ingredients to avoid altogether and whether buying Organic is better and what about multivitamins?

Being on top our family’s health can sometimes seem too confusing to even start to tackle and, if like me, you are not an expert on all that is vitamin & mineral supplementation it can sometimes be too overwhelming! Good nutrition is not so simple yet it is the foundation of a strong immune system. Dietary supplements are a complimentary support to this already nutritional diet foundation, not a replacement to it (though in the correct dosages, would not cause any adverse reactions). Ultimately, our family’s health focus will benefit the most by having a diet full of fruits, vegetables, our healthy fats, proteins and probiotics on a daily basis.

My own training in holistic childcare and sleep did provide me with what I would call ‘a touch’ of basic supplement knowledge for both mother and child. A big part of my own sleep coaching training is the immune system and the role it plays in sleep. Knowing what supplements and natural food sources of certain vitamins and minerals are able to help support a mother both pre and post natal serve as a good starting point for me to teach mothers I am in touch with how to best support theirs and their little one’s bodies when needed.

There are too many questions to fully be able to answer here but I am sharing one brand, Mary Ruth Organic’s with you. I absolutely love and trust Mary Ruth Organics for their purity in ingredients, no nonsense approach to health and dietary supplements as well as what I have found to be balanced dosing in certain combinations that they offer.

Ultimately, I like to keep things simple in our family, focussing on some quality products that work. My sleep coaching and holistic approach to health and family wellbeing are an extension of my personal parenting practices and me and Mary Ruth’s Organics pre and postnatal probiotics fit perfectly!

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Applicable until September 30, 2020

Prenatal Probiotics

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prenatal probiotics
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postnatal probiotics
postnatal probiotics benefits
postnatal probiotics supplements