My Chameleon Feelings and Sleep | Babes Of Bliss & Me


This sleep coach mama has created an exclusively designed deck of cards to bring alive her 4.5 year old son’s mindfulness
practices of sleep EQ affirmations & self-regulation skills after he shared these with her! Every card channels his emotional
wellness & sleep EQ skills to empower other kids to embrace their need to consciously connect with their feelings on a child-to-child level. Seven ways to play with the 48 cards deck provides a body and mind journey of self-discovery & the
importance of sleep alongside her special tips to support you as a family throughout the journey.


Increased self-esteem, concentration skills, managing stress, developing empathy, fostering cooperation, highlighting secure attachment needs for the entire family to use at bedtime or any time in the day where the moment takes them are developmental foundations your littlest ones will build with you, when playing with Gabrielle’s Chameleon Feelings & Sleep cards.

The positive effects are accumulative, just like good sleep night after night. As such, your kiddo will get the most out of these essential life skills when exposed through a continuous influence in their lives. Have fun with it
daytime & bedtime when the lights are dim!


Message From Gabrielle


I have been empowering new parents for years through the gift of healthy baby sleep habits and now little ones can be empowered too through breath, movement & colour psychology visualizations with my son’s & my Chameleon Feelings & Sleep. My wish for you is to teach them how to slow down & look forward to their bedtime by encouraging and embracing emotional expression in themselves as well as those around them.
Each deck comes with my personal, holistic sleep coaching tips to ensure that you get the most out of using these cards with your family!