Complimentary Credentials: DBL, Science of Parenting, Parenting By Connection

Current certification courses I am completing:Baby Language -DBL-Australia:

Helping parents of newborns understand how their baby is able to communicate to them from day 1. Once I have completed my certification I will be able to introduce this extra aspect of baby care to new and not so new parents.

Parenting 101:

UC San Diego Psychology & Linguistics dept. Teacher Training Course looking at the role of parents in child development (covering diet, sleep, the nature of learning, screen time, impulse control & behavior genetics). This course is to further my knowledge in parenting science, something that I can use with every family that I work with to help them learn more from me for their future years when I am not there helping them with their baby’s sleep.

Parenting By Connection:

A parenting philosophy, which I have practiced with my son since his birth but wish to delve deeper into & gain further understanding of how beneficial is for the growing emotional intelligence of a child.

I love learning new skills & new ways about thinking about the world but above all, learning new skills that can help me as a parent as well as the parents & babies that I help.