Baby Listening™ FAQ

Why is the traditional “shush & pat” sleep ‘training’ method suggested for a newborn not based on understanding a baby’s needs?

This approach ignores the needs of babies less than 4 months & the aim is to delay responses to your newborn’s cues.  Evidence shows limited efficacy, the aim is still to leave the room for longer durations of time despite your baby crying.

With Baby Listening™, this is never done. Baby Listening™ is baby-led all the way, teaching you to hone your parenting instincts based on the most up to date, latest research in the field. Your baby’s needs come first simply because you baby is telling you what they need.

(Middlemiss, Wendy & Stevens, Helen & Ridgway, Lael & Mcdonald, Susan & Koussa, Michelle. (2017). Response-based sleep intervention: Helping infants sleep without making them cry. Early Human Development. 108. 49-57. 10.1016/j.earlhumdev.2017.03.008.)


What does the research say?

There are currently no other published academic or medical papers that we are aware of that invalidates our findings anywhere in the world. (Baby Listening™ Australia.)


Can my baby still use this language past 4 months of age?

YES! Only if you have learnt it before they reach their 4th month. (For preemie, please use the adjusted age).


When is the most optimal time to learn this language?

If you have learned to decode and hear your baby’s needs during the optimal learning window for us that is from the last couple of months of pregnancy up to 3.5 months of age (at time of second workshop), research confirms that babies can keep using some of it up to 12 months. This supersedes both sign language & speech skill development. I myself have heard it being used in 6-7 month olds.

If you miss this learning window, your baby is unlikely to continue using this vocabulary past their 4rd month due to them feeling you are not understanding them!

As such, the optimum learning window for you to learn with me is during the final months of your pregnancy or immediately after giving birth!


How does Baby Listening™ forge a stronger secure attachment bond between my baby and I?

When needs are deemed as being unmet when expressed, secure attachment foundations are weakened in the parent-baby relationship.

This can lead to more rapid escalation to crying.

Many parents can feel confused from all the guesswork required during these early stages of life. When this misinterpretation happens on a continued basis, you as a parent can begin to feel frustrated from the moments of continuous crying cycles when your newborn feels that their needs are going un-answered.

These moments can put self-doubt in our parenting abilities not to mention being exhausting.

Baby Listening™ allows you to understand your baby’s needs as well as learn how to effectively manage them in the moment resulting in a happier, more settled baby.


Can I bring my newborn baby to the LIVE Baby Listening™ Workshop?

Yes! Babies are welcome. There are often other parents attending with their newborns too!


How is your Baby Listening™ Workshop different from me learning from an app, or video?

Other sources will only teach you the 5 basic foundation words covering 5 individual needs. As a certified instructor, I am able to teach you over 20 needs that your baby can express to you from the day they are born in various combinations to form a sentence!. A baby naturally uses at least 2 and sometimes 3 at the same time to create sentences for you to decode and parent accordingly by using the techniques I am known for which I share in the workshops.

Is sleep training the only way to help your baby sleep?

No! In fact, no sleep training of any kind should be done on a newborn baby. This is where this revolutionary baby language taught in my Baby Listening™ workshop teaches you everything that you need to move forward with nature rather than against it.

Is learning baby language a kind of newborn sleep training?

Not at all. It is your parenting foundation! If you learn this at the right time, you may never ever need any kind of added sleep help later! (yes you read that correctly!)

Does learning this baby language replace the need for sleep training later?

Yes, it certainly can if you can find it in yourself to trust your baby to lead you rather than the other way around. This workshop teaches you to trust, as a family, that your newborn is capable of communicating with you from birth. Tuning in allows you to parent through confusing moments that most parents struggle with!